Teapot and the Dragon

Written & Illustrated by Nick Jordan

'Teapot and the Dragon is jolly, colourful fairy-tale set in a similar, though slightly sillier, world to our own.'

Follow the adventures of Prince Spoon and Lord Lid and all the Teapotions who inhabit this little archipelago. stop narration


‘Teapot and the Dragon' - what an absolute treat! It made me laugh out loud - really so - with its delightful and refreshing blend of wit, brio, and gently subversive humour. The illustrations are exquisite. The Gruffalo meets Sleeping Beauty.‘
- Katie Hickman, Best selling Author and Mum

I have just given 'Teapot' a run with young miss M (she's 4 and a bit) and this is what she had to say about it:
Me: Did you like it?
Her: Yes
Me: Which part did you like best?
Her: All of it!
- Daniel Wolschner, Teacher and Dad

‘The illustrations in this book are truly amazing and they bring the story to life. I highly recommend it as a good read. It is enchanting, fun and creative and sure to be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.‘
Rachel Bickley, year 1 (6 year olds) teacher and coordinator Thomas's school Battersea

review of teapot and the dragon